Clear Skin Boot Camp

Get your skin into its best shape
in just 4 months.

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Clear Skin Boot Camp

Get your skin into its best shape in just 4 months.

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Tried everything and still have acne? With a 90% success rate, we are the leaders in clearing acne. We’ve created this exclusive program to set you up with an intense, customized plan that will deliver life-changing results.

Our Clear Skin Boot Camp program combines the power of clinical-grade products that are customized for your type of acne, with a series of bi-monthly treatments enhanced with LED Light Therapy. We take it one step further and teach you about other aggravating factors that make you break out – foods, medications, cosmetics, stress, and common ingredients in skin care formulations that might be clogging your pores (even professional and prescription products). During your first visit, we will do a thorough skin analysis to determine the best treatment protocol and customized home care routine for you. We provide custom options for every age, gender, acne type and skin type.

Invest in yourself. The program cost is ONLY $750 ($1445 value). With a savings of $695, there’s no reason to delay achieving your goal of clear skin.

Below are all of the exclusive benefits our Boot Camp Program includes:

8 Treatments: 2 per month for 4 months ($720 value)
At each appointment we will analyze your skin and determine the best treatment protocol to use depending on what your skin needs. Each treatment will include a mild corrective peel with extractions or a gentle enzyme treatment with steam and extractions.

8 LED Sessions ($480 value)
LED Light Therapy offers anti- aging benefits and improves texture and skin tone, helping to fade away those pesky dark spots acne can leave behind. We use a professional grade LED light panel providing a combination of blue and red LED in our acne treatments.  Blue light is used to kill off bacteria while red light stimulates collagen production to speed up the healing process. Both blue and red light help reduce inflammation. This is a perfect addition to your acne treatment program, especially after extractions.

Product Starter Kit (up to $205 value)
We’re setting you up for ultimate success with your customized home care product starter kit. It will include your cleanser, toner, serum, hydrator, moisturizer, sunscreen and acne med. Your products should last approximately 8-12 weeks. After these run out, you will be responsible for purchasing the products needed to uphold your skincare routine.

FREE exclusive cosmetic bag

Professional skincare coaching to guide you through the entire program

Proprietary acne-safe nutrition & lifestyle tips for clear skin

Program Completion Prize – (up to $40 value)
Once you complete your program, you’ll receive an at home facial mask to help maintain clear skin. We’ll choose the best fit for your skin.

Bundle Price: $750* ($1445 value)

*Not valid with other offers. Available at our Face Reality Acne Clinic in San Leandro, CA only. Payment of $750 is due at first appointment. Payment plan option available for $800 total – $500 due at 1st appointment, then $100 due at appointments 2-4. Appointments expire after 6 months from purchase date. No refunds.

**No shows or late arrivals are subject to late fees.

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