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Meet the Team

Our world-class team of Certified Acne Experts are here to help you every step of the way

Featured Team Member:
Lisa Boozer, LE

Certified Acne Expert, Clinic Lead Esthetician
At a young age, I was fascinated with makeup and how it enhances the appearance. It was this long-term interest that drew me to esthetics school and to my passion for skin! As someone who has suffered from acne since I was 11 years old, I was inspired by the way skin treatments could not only transform the skin but also boost a client’s self-esteem! Here at Face Reality Acne Clinic, I am able to do what I love while supporting our clients on the road to clear skin. It is so rewarding to be a part of this positive step forward in my clients' lives.

My favorite part about being an Acne Expert is trying to solve the acne puzzle. Everyone’s skin is different, and no two formulas are alike. I enjoy the challenge of solving the mystery, whether it be food triggers or a little change in a home care routine. Everyday brings something different, it’s just about finding the things that work for each client’s skin!

LaToya Ingram, LE

Certified Acne Expert
I became an esthetician because I was obsessed with eyebrows. My goal was to make the world a better place one set of eyebrows at a time. Since going to school and obtaining my Esthetics License, I have come to learn that skin health and skincare are just as important. I feel that your skin is a good foundation to building one’s confidence and self-esteem. Now, my new goal at Face Reality Acne Clinic is to help our clients reach their goals of clear, healthy skin, one treatment at a time... while complimenting them on how great their eyebrows look.

Damaris Avila, LE

Bi-Lingual Esthetician, Certified Acne Expert
As someone who personally went through my own trial and error journey with acne, I've always dreamt of a place like Face Reality. A safe space where one could be educated, guided, and taken care of to help understand what is going on with one's skin. Given my previous background in education and my passion for esthetics, discovering Face Reality felt like it was meant to be! To have the opportunity to educate and help others with the same concerns and questions that I once had is very fulfilling.

Monique Frias, LE

Certified Acne Expert
I have always been fascinated with all-things skin. Its texture, softness or firmness, thinness or thickness, which led me down the path as a Massage Therapist. Fast forward a handful of years, I received my Esthetics License and got my first esthetics job at a waxing studio. While body waxing was great, I realized that what I really wanted and should be doing is educating people about proper skin health, how to care for their skin and helping boost their self-esteem. I knew I wanted to be in a positive and results-driven skincare environment, and Face Reality Acne Clinic is the perfect fit!

Belle Dasanti, LE

Certified Acne Expert
I have always been passionate about helping people with their self-confidence. As someone who used to struggle with acne, I can relate to how difficult it is to find a product that can actually improve your skin. That is why I fell in love with Face Reality—their products and treatment work absolute miracles! I get to personally witness so many people see improvements in their skin and self-confidence by working with our team of Acne Experts.

Hanna Lopez

Front Desk Coordinator
I first learned about Face Reality through some of my favorite influencers. As someone who struggled with acne as a teenager, I am very passionate about maintaining a skincare routine. I have always wanted to work in the skincare industry and was very excited when I saw a local job opening for Face Reality’s acne clinic in Danville.

Laura Cooksey, LE

Co-Founder of Face Reality Acne Clinic
Laura Cooksey, a nationally-recognized Acne Expert, experienced acne from the time she was a teenager until her mid-thirties when she finally found an esthetician who helped her attain clear skin.

She became a California state-licensed esthetician in 1990 and set out to learn everything about acne that she could. After practicing alone for many years, her dream of opening an acne-only clinic came true in 2005. Inspired by the life-changing results she achieved with her clients, licensed estheticians across the country have become certified in her proven protocol for treating acne.