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Before and after case studies

Acne & Hyperpigmentation

  • dull sluggish appearance
  • hyperpigmentation (dark spots) where acne has occurred
  • inflamed, noninflamed acne or both
  • excessive oil
  • tissue congestion
  • skin generally not sensitive or reactive
Sophia S. ,
Before After

Laura's notes:

Sophia was very motivated to finally get her skin clear because she had tried so many different things. With the right products, her skin cleared in a little over three months. I suffered with acne for 18 years before finding Face Reality. Over the years I have visited 7 dermatologists on THREE continents. I have taken antibiotics, Accutane, used every cream known to man for treatment of acne, purchased all kinds of things advertised on TV in desperation, been told this was just the way it is for me, paid for peels and more peels, tried herbs and vitamins, you name it.

Client testimonial:

I made my appointment after having lunch with a friend of mine with really difficult acne who had been going to Face Reality for a year – I had not seen her in a while and her skin looked FANTASTIC. I went back to my office and mentioned this to a work colleague. I told her my friend had been going to a place called Face Reality. She said “Oh I went there..” and I said but you have perfect skin and she said “I do now!”. I made an appointment for two days later and have never looked back. Is my skin absolutely perfect – no but it is AMAZINGLY GOOD CONSISTENTLY!!! Once I was at the clinic, I found that one of their staff had actually worked at one of the dermatologists I had gone to at one time. We talked about how Face Reality’s approach was so different to how that dermatologist had tried to approach acne. The other miracle that Face Reality has given me has been in treating the dark pigmentation from old acne scars.

Sophia S.

Other case studies

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