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Before and after case studies

Noninflamed Acne

  • dull sluggish appearance
  • bumps / blackheads / blemishes
  • some pimples / pustules but not as many as inflamed acne
  • tissue congestion
  • excessive oil
  • skin generally not sensitive or reactive
Kalen W. ,
Before After

Laura's notes:

Kalen has the toughest kind of acne to get under control, so I decided to get quite aggressive with her skin right from the start. She has noninflamed resistive type of acne and her skin was not at all sensitive, so I put her on very strong home care right from the beginning and had her come in for a medium-depth “Propeel” (a TCA peel from Vivant Pharmaceuticals). Her skin cleared up in about ten weeks. We are now working to lift her sun damage from the years she lived in Maui.

Client testimonial:

I have had problem skin since 6th grade and it was always really frustrating!! I never felt beautiful or confident! I even had a dermatologist nurse tell me I was never going to have clear skin. I had tried everything, I was beginning to think that nurse was right. Then I saw the ad for face reality and was skeptical but I had already spent thousands of dollars on things that didn’t work so why not try one more. I was really surprised when Laura guaranteed I would have clear skin. On my first visit she told me I had grade two acne which is the hardest to get rid of, so I was a little bummed. The amazing part was that after I started using her products my acne cleared up, even she was amazed at how fast it worked!!! It is great that I don’t feel scared to go out without make-up any more and I get compliments on my skin! I’m so thankful because I feel like I have a normal life now. Acne can be totally devastating and I know first hand! I wanted to just hide-out when I had acne now I don’t have to worry about my skin at all it is totally AWESOME!!!

Kalen W.

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